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SINGH Foundation

SINGH Foundation is named for a late friend; SINGH also stands for Secular and InterNational Growth and Harmony.

We are a small foundation that tries to do a lot for its size: Our activities include tours of North America by Indian filmmakers, academics and activists; grants to grassroots groups in India; relief work; fiscal sponsorship of South Asian community groups in the US; grants to groups promoting secularism, growth and harmony in North America.

A simple way to donate online is via our special page at the PayPal Giving Fund: https://www.paypal.com/fundraiser/charity/1367572

We invite you to send contribution checks to:
SINGH Foundation, c/o Ramakrishnan
50 West 97th St. 15T, New York NY 10025
Tel: 212-866-1616 e-mail: rr6@caa.columbia.edu


President: Dr. Vinod Mubayi, Physicist at the Brookhaven National Laboratories, New York
Vice-Presidents: Dr. Abha Sur, Program in Women's Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA
Prof. Biju Mathew, School of Management, Rider University, Lawrenceville NJ
Prof. Raza Mir, School of Management, William Paterson University, Wayne NJ
Secretary-Treasurer: Dr. Rajasekhar Ramakrishnan, Senior Research Scientist, Columbia University

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Purchase Nakul Sawhney's Muzaffarnagar Baaqi Hai (Muzaffarnagar Eventually)  $320 (incl S&H) 

Purchase Nakul Sawhney's Izzatnagari ki Asabhya Betiyaan (Immoral Daughters in the Land of Honour)  $320 (incl S&H) 

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 Donate to Rakesh Sharma: Crowdfunding Campaign

 Donate for Final Solution DVD
 Institutional Copy 2.5-hour version $450 (incl. S&H)
 Institutional Copy 3.5-hour version $750 (incl. S&H)

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