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Our Mission

Our mission is summarized by what SINGH in our name stands for - Secular India's National Growth and Harmony. We do what we can to promote secularism, economic growth and social harmony in India and more generally in South Asia. We sponsor North American tours by prominent Indians to promote secularism and tolerance among South Asians here. We raise funds and send to grassroots groups and individuals in India and neighboring countries whose work matches our mission goals. Details are given below.

Our Activities

Tours by Indian Activists, Intellectuals, Artists
Donations to Groups and Individuals in India
Relief Work
Resource Collection
Fiscal Sponsorship of groups in the U.S.

Tours by Indian Activists, Intellectuals, Artists

A major activity of the foundation is organizing tours of the United States (and sometimes Canada) by individuals doing or addressing grassroots work in India, or working on issues concerning South Asian immigrants in North America:

Anand Patwardhan the documentary filmmaker
Asghar Ali Engineer, religious scholar who has extensively studied communal conflicts
Rakesh Sharma, filmmaker
Shabnam Virmani and Prahlad Tipanya to promote Kabir's poetry, music and values
P. Sainath, journalist and writer

The tours allow the activists to speak to many people - college students, teachers, the general Indian community - about their work. The foundation also raises funds from the hosts and audiences, solely to cover the travel expenses of the visitors; any leftover money is given as grants to groups in India.

Donations to Groups and Individuals in India

A second major activity is to support grassroots groups and activist individuals in India financially or through the purchase of hard-to-get but valuable equipment. Among those we have supported are:

Sambhavna Clinic in Bhopal, doing yeoman work with victims of the Union Carbide gas disaster, providing medical care as well as documenting the continuing crisis;
Centre for the Study of Society and Secularism in Mumbai, producing periodic analytic reports on communal tensions and conflicts;
Bharathi Trust in Chennai, which works with tribals, slum women and unorganized workers, and has organized tsunami relief;
Individuals in Chhattisgarh, who work with dalit and tribal women and children on issues of education, livelihood, health and community organization;
Rakesh Sharma, who made The Final Solution on the 2002 Gujarat pogrom;
Shabnam Virmani and Prahlad Tipanya, for Kabir scholarsship and music;
Anand Patwardhan, the independent documentary filmmaker;
CERAS in Montreal, which helps a wide range of grassroots groups in India;
Harsh Kapoor, web documentarian based in France;
People's Watch Tamil Nadu for their work in promoting civil liberties and human rights;
Shri Prakash, Jharkhand-based filmmaker.

Relief Work

The foundation also collects and transmits funds for relief after natural disasters as well as pogroms. Some instances: Bangladesh following the devastating cyclone and floods in 1998; Orissa floods of 1999-2000; Gujarat earthquake in 2001; Gujarat anti-Muslim pogrom in 2002; Tamil Nadu tsunami in 2004; Pakistan earthquake in 2005; Swat relief in 2009.

Resource Collection

Also, the foundation collects media resources from India - magazines such as the Economic and Political Weekly, Issues in Medical Ethics, Communalism Combat, and PUCL Bulletin; video documentaries made by assorted activist groups around the country; audiotapes; books.

Fiscal Sponsorship of Groups in the U.S.

Another activity of the foundation is to be the fiscal sponsor for fledgling grassroots groups in the South Asian community in the United States. We have sponsored:

Youth Solidarity Summer, a summer program for South Asian youth, held for a week each summer for a number of years in New York;
3rd I New York, which organizes films and other cultural programs on South Asia and on South Asians in the US;
ProXsa, the progressive south asian exchange website, as well as associated electronic discussion groups.

The foundation has no overhead expenses. All labor is donated. No part of donated money is kept by the foundation; it is all disbursed to the intended recipients.