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The SINGH Foundation is a tax-exempt organization based in New York. Established with a bequest from the late Dr. Raghuvansh Prasad Singh, who succumbed to cancer at the young age of 39. The SINGH Foundation (the initials stand for Secular India's National Growth and Harmony) is devoted to supporting grassroots efforts in India to promote civil liberties, secularism, communal harmony, women's issues, and uplifting of the poor.

The Foundation invites applications for grants from organizations in India. The procedure is outlined below.

1. Only registered organizations (societies, trusts) are eligible to apply. Grants are generally not made to individuals.

2. The application should be accompanied by proof of registration (with the Government of India or with a state government). It helps if the organization is registered with the Indian government as a charity eligible for tax-deductible contributions; if so, proof of charitable status should be included.

3. The application should specify the project or projects for which funds are requested, the amount of money requested, what has been done so far, and what is being planned.

4. Inclusion of published material, produced by the organization and/or in the form of newspaper or magazine articles is recommended.

5. Upon receipt of the application, the Foundation's board will review it. If approved, the organization's project(s) will be included in subsequent fundraising appeals. Based on the response to the fundraising effort, the board will send its grant to the organization in the form of a check (in US dollars, drawn on a bank in New York).

6. The organization should provide a signed acknowledgement or receipt of this money from the Foundation. Subsequently, a letter should be provided stating that the money received was used in full and solely for the approved project(s). The initial application must include a commitment to provide, in the event of a grant being made, a receipt and a letter about use of the money.

7. Individuals associated with the Foundation visit India frequently. It is important that the initial application state that an occasional visit is welcome.