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What You Can Do: Project Donations

SINGH FOUNDATION supports the following projects that you can support through PayPal online: 

Donate to Rural Welfare Project

*Bharathi Trust Resource Center*

For people familiar with the vision and work of BTRC, thanks for your support. If you are new to it, here is a short summary:

BTRC is a non-profit trust which was established by the activist and organic farmer Siddamma in 2005. This is a model farm intended to teach the local farmers, tried and tested organic ways to grow crops free of harmful chemicals. These techniques make the crops more tolerant to regional vagaries, reduce the farmers' cost, and keep the soil healthy year after year.

The trust also educates consumers like us and the government officials on the benefits of choosing organic crops.

To learn more about the farm and its activities please

See video newsletter for 2012
Find BTRC's timeline on ASHA's project webpage
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